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The name of this entity may also refer to: AT3G44300 / nitrilase 2 [polypeptide] AT3G44300 / nitrilase 2 [RNA]

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TAIR information [AT3G44300]
Affy25k probenames:252678_s_at  
Affy8k probenames: <no data>
AFGC IDs: YAP100T7 (Z17651)  
Gene names: nitrilase 2  
Description: "nitrilase 2 (NIT2); FUNCTIONS IN: indole-3-acetonitrile nitrilase activity, nitrilase activity, indole-3-acetonitrile nitrile hydratase activity; INVOLVED IN: response to cadmium ion, indoleacetic acid biosynthetic process, response to bacterium; LOCATED IN: cellular_component unknown; EXPRESSED IN: cotyledon, cultured cell; CONTAINS InterPro DOMAIN/s: Nitrilase/cyanide hydratase and apolipoprotein N-acyltransferase (InterPro:IPR003010), Nitrilase/cyanide hydratase, conserved site (InterPro:IPR000132); BEST Arabidopsis thaliana protein match is: nitrilase 1 (TAIR:AT3G44310.3); Has 7677 Blast hits to 7598 proteins in 1742 species: Archae - 157; Bacteria - 4958; Metazoa - 446; Fungi - 568; Plants - 325; Viruses - 11; Other Eukaryotes - 1212 (source: NCBI BLink)."  
Gene ontology:
PGO:0006807nitrogen compound metabolic process
  GO:0009684indoleacetic acid biosynthetic process
  GO:0046686response to cadmium ion
  GO:0009617response to bacterium
FGO:0080061indole-3-acetonitrile nitrilase activity
  GO:0016810hydrolase activity, acting on carbon-nitrogen (but not peptide) bonds
  GO:0000257nitrilase activity
  GO:0080109indole-3-acetonitrile nitrile hydratase activity
  GO:0005886plasma membrane
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Entity information

This entity is present in: nucleus
The entity [AT3G44300 / nitrilase 2] participates in the following pathways:

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Pathway [5 shown] Organism Created on
asparagine degradation I Arabidopsis Mon Jul 29, 2013
cyanide detoxification I Arabidopsis Mon Jul 29, 2013
indole glucosinolate breakdown (insect chewing induced) Arabidopsis Mon Jul 29, 2013
indole-3-acetate biosynthesis II Arabidopsis Mon Jul 29, 2013
superpathway of aspartate and asparagine biosynthesis Arabidopsis Mon Jul 29, 2013

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