MetNet .NET API tutorial


All code examples are given for C#, however VB.Net or any other .NET compliant language may also be used. The API is also available for Sun's Java platform.

In order to access the API, add a reference to the .NET MySQL driver, as well as the MetNet_api.dll file, then add the following line of code at the top of your source files:

using Edu.Iastate.Metnet;
The MySQL driver is required by the MetNet API, but you don't need to reference it in your source code (unless your code uses a database as well of course).

This tutorial consists of different parts. If you're new to the API, we recommend that you work your way top through bottom. However when you're already familiar with the basic working you can choose any part you with to learn more details or to refresh your memory:

  1. Getting started with MetNet pathways
  2. Getting started with Organisms

The MetNet API is still under development. We greatly appreciate comments and feedback which can be sent to