MetNet Application Programmer's Interface

MetNet API for Java

The MetNet API is a programming library that provides direct-access to our MetNetDB database. It allows software developers to interface with a central repository of pathway-related data. It offers flexible query and data-retrieval methods for Java- and R-based applications that import biological network knowledge.

Current versions:

Download MetNet JAR library - (old version) - Download MySQL driver
API Tutorial - Quickstart Eclipse - Quickstart Netbeans
MetNet# is a port of the above library for the Microsoft.NET platform
Download MetNet# assembly - Download MySQL Connector/NET library
Quickstart Visual Studio C# - API Tutorial

Other environments

We offer instructions on how to use either the .NET library or the Java library from within other environments:

PHP - coming soon
Perl - coming soon
Python - coming soon


The MetNet API is being used by the following applications:

MetaOmGraph - by Nick Ransom
CellDesigner plugin - by John Van Hemert
MetNet4Cytoscape plugin - by Yves Sucaet